Recognising Innovations
from Yorkshire

Innovation plays a significant role in sustaining Yorkshire's importance on the world stage. We are excited to let you know that the Dezign Space Innovation Awards - Yorkshire Chapter will be held this year, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Dezign Space Awards


Worth of Investment to multiple winners for the most brilliant ideas.



Investment for the most innovative digital business idea.


Zero cost prototype

Zero cost prototype for remaining participants to bring new ideas to life.


Become a Sponsor

Good ideas deserve to be found

Good ideas deserve to be found

  • Dezign Space Innovation Award
  • Digital innovation grant from Excelledia
  • Cost-free prototyping
  • Right to own your IP
  • Access to investments & Grant funding
  • Access to new markets
  • Hire your dream team
  • Learn from mentors & advisors

Become a Partner

Good ideas deserve to be found

Partnering your way to success

  • Dezign Space partnership award
  • Opportunity to interact with prospects
  • Access to new ideas
  • Strengthen your business image
  • Technology & Marketing Support
  • Post-event recognition
  • Get powerful audience insights
  • Expand your content strategy


Rolling out the red carpet for

anyone who wants to see their Idea come to life.

Together, let us grow
your business