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December 08, 2021


14:00h to 15:30h

United Kingdom


Realizing that the company must transform itself is a delicate exercise. It is indeed easier to give in to the background noise and to focus on solutions such as Digital Transformation. Understanding the stakes of digital transformation, mastering the ins and outs of it to seize the opportunities it presents: the challenge for companies is considerable. Whatever your company’s vision, whatever its size, digital transformation is an essential step to develop, gain competitiveness and move forward.

You’ll learn:

What is digital transformation and what does it mean for your company?

How has customer behaviour changed, and how would your business adapt?

Putting technology at the heart of company development and deployment

Developing and aligning skills to transition from project to product development

Suggestions for integrating your digital strategy into your whole business strategy

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      CEO & Founder at Excelledia Ventures

      Muhamed Farooque

      Managing Director UK and Europe at Excelledia Ventures

      Mark Burns