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Have a digital but not sure how to turnit into a viable business? Submit your idea at Dezign Space @ Nine Carat and get your idea off the ground and turn it into a business venture.

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Digital assets as intellectual property or patents

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Create more jobs, avoid economic stagnation, & assist entrepreneurship

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Dezign Space is a soft capital innovation engine designed to turn your digital ideas into viable businesses.

The Power of Framework


We Consider People First.

When we design a product or service, we think about people who will use it including how, where, when, and why. We always ensure that a value is delivered to its users by following the best practices across the globe.


We Create Process For a Purpose.

We create process that help people to work better. We follow the global principles that defines and standardizes work, prevent people from reinventing the wheel every time they begin working.


Technology For People.

Our technologically advanced digital solutions help people do faster with a smile. We use Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Big data, Dashboards, etc to free up people's time for more creative, cognitive, and innovative endeavors.

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CX 360

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About the Author

A consultant, facilitator, and speaker who works independently. He specializes in providing leadership and strategy development. For the last two decades, he has held positions within the SME sector as a Chair of Vistage International, as an interim executive, and as a NXD on several boards.


Gary Weston

Business Development Partner, Excelledia
  • Gary Weston

    Business Development Partner Excelledia

  • Scott Greenhill

    CEO, Agile Developments Group Ltd.

  • Julia Burns

    Lawyer, Mediator, Conflict Coach Dove in the Room

  • Stuart Andrews

    Member of Parliament, UK

  • Gary Weston

    Business Development Partner Excelledia

  • Mark Richard Burns

    MD (UK & Europe), Excelledia

  • Trish Smith

    Councillor, Pudsey

  • Harry Sekhon

    Owner, Madison Offices

Accelerate Startups

Developed with the major purpose of providing a practical view of how the new and innovative idea can fare in the market. Dezign Space help to scale-up the Startup through collaborative innovation.

Create an Innovation culture for everyone everywhere with Dezign space @ Nine Carat.

Easier Funding

Find sources of investment more easily, when you can present a prototype of how your idea will work on the market.


An idea could be an igniter for improving processes and portfolio. Dezign space give the complete traceability of innovation stages and contributors.


We would love to hear from you.

Our innovation engine facilitates innovation in every region across the globe, targeting social and economic development. We accelerate the transformation of your innovative idea into a successful venture, product, or solution.