Vava Coffee

Coffee a substainable livelihood

Vava Coffee

Coffee A Sustainable livelihood

A passionate establishment set up by Vava Angwenyi with a major aim to contribute towards better prospects for local communities. Vava Coffee is a social enterprise that ensures sustainable livelihoods for its people and the community it works. The no compromise approach on the quality of the product it offers make it a distinctly different enterprise.

Vava Coffee prides itself with hand-crafted coffee products that are carefully and responsibly sourced. Their motto of ensuring sustainable livelihoods is held up high with paying the farmers from whom they source coffee a fair and above-market price for the specialty coffee and by creating job opportunities, for women and youth in informal settlements, who sew cloth pouches for Vava’s Coffee.

They help the marginalized communities to take a hopeful step towards self-sufficiency. Vava Coffee is consistently recognized worldwide for its premium standard coffee as well as for its appreciable social influence.

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