a help in agriculture


A ‘help’ in agriculture

With a strong mission to “Create lasting profits for farmers everywhere”, Farmerline is an enterprise that has brought in technological innovation by providing paid services that help farmers to gain relevant information they would need for improved farming.

Bridging the information gap through mobile technology with services like outbound messaging, mobile surveys, weather forecast, and much more has helped most of the farmer population of Ghana, who earlier had limited knowledge about the industry. These mobile-based services by Farmerline are offered via SMS, as well as voice-based messaging service to help reach farmers with low literacy levels with the added highlight of all content being provided in local languages.

With a vision to change the farming game in Africa’s agriculture by empowering small-scale farmers with required information, Farmerline is already at its target point with many of their customers benefiting from the increased income they now gain by adopting the improved farming practices they got familiarised with the services by Farmerline.

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