The Value of Collaboration

Technology alone is not enough

The Value of Collaboration

The innovator of technology that has brought forward many unique and (obviously) innovative products and software out in the market – Steve Jobs, will be the first person to vouch for ‘Team collaboration’ for better success. It was famously quoted by him “Technology alone is not enough” during the release of yet another innovative product of his, the iPad 2.

It is very much proved how much of Mr Job’s computer scientists’ commitment to collaborate with artists and designers have contributed to the success of his companies, be it Pixar, NeXT or even Apple. His journey proves the best innovations are created when you combine technology with humanities.

A successful entrepreneur as Steve Jobs looked up by many, strongly exerts his belief that when individuals from different fields are joined to from an active team, the birth of great innovations are natural and more practical for end users. He advices a sure way to develop a formidable team is to bring together the good combination of skills and knowledge.

The first step of his was to create an engaging workspace in the Pixar campus. The original architectural plan was for three buildings separate for each department of computer scientists, the animators and Pixar executives, Jobs rejected the whole idea and came up with the plan of having a single vast space, with an open and airy lobby at the centre. The idea behind this design was to ensure good and proper interaction between every member of the enterprise, which Steve Jobs believed to the most important function of the business, this way everyone would be talking to each other regularly.

Ideas and productivity comes better when everyone works together and we create a space for healthy collaboration, as proved by the successful entrepreneur Steve Jobs.



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