Vidsy, London

Democratising creativity through technology

Vidsy, London

Organization – Vidsy

Founders – Gerard Keeley, Archie Campbell, and Alex Morris

Location – London

A platform that connects brands with a global community of creators to create original and authentic mobile video ads. Voice, video, and virtual reality changed the way on digital marketing and Vidsy found the business opportunity for high impact video ads. With their tech platform and creator network, they provide fast and hassle-free video production for any brands.

The smart integration of technology simplifies the process at all stages from briefing to production and to insights. The founders created unique business value by democratising creativity, empowering brands, and creators through effective integration of technology that connects and create value for each other.

Effective collaboration of the founders resulted in the success of Vidsy.

Gerard Keeley, a native of Australia studied entrepreneurship and founded a start-up that ended up failing. He then travelled around the world for a year and arrived in London with a hunger to grow a business.

Archie Campbell, was freelancing his skill as a DP on several shoots including BBC, Channel 4, etc. He came to a turning point when he went back to visit his old university. He found that more people talented than him were struggling to find work. He was just amazed to know that there was so much untapped creative potential across the world. This was an igniter to create a platform where all creative people could make money from their ideas.

Alex Morris, helped to set up a student events company where he witnessed the power of building communities and thought someone needed to do the same for video. Once Vidsy, persuaded big brands to create a video for them, they enlisted their creative friends and then it grew naturally from there, with more big brands as well as creators signing up to Vidsy.

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