Doorsteps, London

Uber of the property world

Doorsteps, London

19-Year-old owns the 14th largest real estate agency in the UK

Organization – Doorsteps

Founders – Mr Akshay Ruparelia

Location – London


The business opportunity Mr Akshay Ruparelia found while searching for a dwelling place in greater London paved the way for the title of UK’s youngest millionaire at the age of 19 years. The real estate agent fees triggered the idea of a low-cost bearing business, giving birth to an influential real estate empire – Doorsteps.

The Doorsteps officially started in December 2016 and the agency combined both online, and offline tools to reach out to prolific buyers. Akshay followed disruptive business tactics instead of 2 to 3% commission (average to around £10,000.) Doorsteps charge only £99.

The success can be dedicated to the competitive pricing strategy and early adoption of technology. The initial capital investment for Doorsteps was just £7,000, a loan that Akshay took from his relatives. 16 months after its launch, has become one of the leading players in the UK, selling over £100 million worth of property.

In an extremely competitive marketplace, doorsteps rated in the top five for customer service – has already grabbed 0.5% of the UK market.

Indian origin Akshay Ruparelia, had to balance schoolwork and his entrepreneurship during his teenage. He had even hired call centre to take calls from clients during school hours.

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