Arri Group, Germany

Re-imaging cinema

Arri Group, Germany

Re-imaging Cinema

Rich in a century old history the Arri group, which was established in 1917 by August Arnold and Robert Richter is one among the very few equipment companies founded during the birth of cinema that continues to flourish even today.

What began in a small shop on Tuerkenstrasse in Munich, to satisfy a variety of interests in Fine mechanics, film apparatus, film printing and more by two boys who were not even old enough to legally sign their business documents, now employs approximately 1,500 employees worldwide.

The intuitional thinking and tendency for August Arnold and Robert Richter to get involved in all aspects of cinema and not to limit them to just building cameras or being cameramen can be defined as their right turn towards success. They set off on a cinematic path of diverse invention to support a hobby that later came to be a successful business venture.

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