H&M’s Secret of Success

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H&M’s Secret of Success

We now live in a digital world. Everything we need is right at our fingertips. It is a fast-paced world out there, and digitalization is the proven advancement that was able to catch up.

The advancements in digital technology have seen many business enterprises adopt the same into their operations and strategies. What started out to be small changes has now created a whole new world altogether, even those businesses we tend to call ‘traditional’ are changing their ways and turning towards becoming digital.

the leading cloth brand of H&M is a fine example who tasted better success by embracing digitalization into their strategies. It was a call from reality for them to move out of their comfort zone when their biggest rival began to have a competitive edge over them through the use of digital technology.

H&M began its journey in digitalization by experimenting with mobile technologies. Their digital innovation included identifying how virtual reality can be of use to a clothing brand. What H&M had brought out was a better way of finding clothes which beyond the normal way, by letting the customers recreate their favorite influencers’ outfits, they can do this by a unique image search they introduced where they can upload the image and the results will show a much-customized filter. Another introduction was the recommendation engine that will let the users know of available options if the ones they are looking for is sold out.

‘Perfect Fit app’ is also a product of their digital innovation that has a twist of its own. Users can create an avatar of themselves, which is a personalized digital avatar created with the selfies and information of their body propositions. The avatar can be used to try on clothes when shopping online so that they can get a more accurate idea of how the dress will fit them and how good they will look in it.

H&M’s change in strategy where they integrated online and the store, led to the increase of online sales by 30%. A great start for a venture that wasn’t afraid to embrace the rise of digital technology.

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