• Coffee a substainable livelihood

    Vava Coffee

    Coffee A Sustainable livelihood A passionate establishment set up by Vava Angwenyi with a major aim to contribute towards better prospects for local communities. Vava Coffee is a social enterprise that ensures sustainable livelihoods for its people and the community it

  • empowering the underprivilaged

    The Grameen Bank

    Empowering the underprivileged With the quest to ensure better living for his hometown, Muhammad Yunus founded the now successful financial institution The Grameen Bank in 1977. Derived from the Bangala word for “Village” Grameen bank came into existence when Yunus

  • a help in agriculture


    A ‘help’ in agriculture With a strong mission to “Create lasting profits for farmers everywhere”, Farmerline is an enterprise that has brought in technological innovation by providing paid services that help farmers to gain relevant information they would need for improved

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