Collaborative Innovation

Meaning to ‘renew’, innovation is the practical execution of ideas that brings out new or improvements in services and products; a crucial matter for the sustainability of any sector. Dezign Space is an Idea Management Platform for Innovation that accelerates digital innovation through prototyping and testing of every bright idea.

Startup Innovation

Extending a helping hand for start-ups to become a venture dezign space offer guidance to every individual through our collaborative platform. The innovation engine dezign space not only guides them but also creates a prototype and tests the idea in a real-world scenario. The stepwise collaborative approach followed in the innovation engine helps the idea holders to nurture their digital ideas into a full-grown business enterprise. dezign space works in synergy with business incubators, business accelerators, startup ecosystem, and start-up community to nurture innovation.

Function Innovation

The business function innovation creates value for the organization, it could be new revenue opportunities or more revenue or productivity from existing channels. In the fast-changing business environment, yesterday’s processes or functions might be outdated today. Business function improvements are inevitable for the proper execution and sustainability of an organization. The face of the organization is defined by its functions and dezign space being an Innovation Engine for everyone everywhere facilitates potential innovative business function improvements into reality in the shortest possible time.

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation has become the heart of every organization. It helps them to work better, faster, and cheaper, find innovative ideas to engage users; and create new products, services, processes, etc. Artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, 5G networks, and cybersecurity are the few innovative trends that have made life easier for mankind. These have paved the way towards ‘modern industrialization’. dezign Space is a perfect innovation engine that helps to adapt to industry 4.0 – smart, connected, and intelligent infrastructure.

Corporate Innovations

We see many examples of corporate innovation, as leaders across industries are in search of innovative ways of tapping the power of the latest technology. The foundation behind great products, great people, and great organization is corporate innovation. A constructive innovation platform helps to organize, lead, coordinate, or motivate both internal and external stakeholders. The constructive innovation culture can deliver a breakthrough advantage by accelerating problem-solving, new product development, process improvement, business model adaptation or innovation, customer engagement, social listening, etc.

Business Model Innovation

The business model innovation in an organization helps to create, delivers, and capture value for internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, customers, and the community as a whole. A well-structured business model innovation leads to business growth, competitive advantage, overcome sales objections, brand recognition, better product life cycle, etc. Embedding a culture of innovation within the business helps in accelerating the business model because internal stakeholders know the product or service better. The dezign space is a perfect space to develop a business model innovation.

Public Sector Innovation

The dezign space provides a framework that helps departments, cities, states, or countries to develop innovative approaches to provide quality public services, and better respond to society's needs. The dezign space accelerate public sector innovation through technology adaptation that drives significant improvements in governance, public administration, and citizen services. The technologies like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, big data analytics, etc are deployed across the public sector for disease prevention, financial products like bonds, governance, quality standardization, investment monitoring, quantitative dashboards, etc.

When you Innovate, keep in mind…


Do not be afraid to think beyond your comfort zone, or your current industrial environment, discover newer regions, models, and industries.


Validate the idea market fit, confirmation of business case, go-to-market plan, risk assessment and mitigation, prototype and testing.


Ideas and thoughts can run into anyone anywhere; the key lies in the constant search for it. Hence is equally valuable to keep your team motivated and rewarded for out of the thinking.


There is no use in waiting to launch your innovations. The right time is always NOW! Only then can you achieve a true competitive edge.

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Space To Design Your Innovations

Innovation is present in all aspects of a business enterprise, whether startup, SME, public sector, private sector or corporates. The dezign Space takes into account every element and factor of the innovation process and provides the perfect space to prototype and test your innovative ideas. With this unique ecosystem, you will be able to know the true potential of your idea, along with guidance to improve and make it fit for the market.

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Our innovation engine facilitates innovation in every region across the globe targeting social and economic development. We accelerate the transformation of your innovative idea into a successful venture or product or solution.

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