What is prototyping and why should start-ups care?

What is prototyping and why should start-ups care?

Prototyping is a very common term that we might have come across, especially if you happen to be planning on creating something new. So it might be a little redundant to ask “what is Prototyping?”, well, for those who wish for an exact definition, “a prototype is an initial model of an object built to test a design”.

So why should we bother with a prototype?

To put it in simple terms, it is a reality check for our thought out ideas and plans. When done right prototyping reveals all strengths and weaknesses of an idea and allows to perfect a solution before implementing it on a large scale.

Prototypes are extensively used in many industries, as a start-up entrepreneur it is even more important to understand why you need to prototype your new innovations.

When you plan start your development of the product you have been nurturing, it is an advantage with a prototype in hand, since you can understand what people are lacking and what they would require while utilising the product in real life. Foe eg: if your start-up innovation is targeted toa specific audience like online applications for supermarkets, your prototype will be a very easily understandable demonstration for them at the step time you can get more accurate feedback on how it will be more beneficial if you were able to improve it further.

It is also important to note that for any potential investor, a good prototype is very much essential while you are pitching your innovation, it is after all their money and they will need solid proof they will get their money’s worth if they chose to invest, and a good prototype easily does the trick.

Prototyping Vs Design

It is quite common to see people to confuse Prototyping with a design. So to make it more clear, a design is to show what the product will look like, even though it is equally important to have an aesthetically beautiful design, keep in mind it not the same as a prototype.

Testing your prototype

Just creating a prototype is not done, the entire purpose is to test your product and see how effective it is.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not be just running the test to see how the product works but also pay attention to user behavior and note down all insights you get. Afterall what use will there be for a highly functional product that users are not satisfied with?

If you are confused on how big your sample or audience for testing your prototype should be, it’s sufficient to test the prototype on 6-10 people, because research show that incorporating more than ten people yields similar results. After you have completed the tests, you will need to make any necessary adjustments. After you have completed the pitch deck, it’s time to present it to potential investors.

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