Virtual Reality Proving to Create an Innovative Improvement in Healthcare

Virtual Reality Proving to Create an Innovative Improvement in Healthcare

Unexpected twists of fate have paved the way for finding better and more innovative ways to deal with everyday issues. As a result of the current situation of an extensive pandemic, the healthcare system had to undergo substantial improvements and changes to be prepared for the demand. With technology advancements becoming increasingly available to the healthcare industry, a significant part of the patient experience is moving online.

The trend of virtual medical sessions has become fairly popular given that social distancing is the “new normal.”

While virtual visits aren’t the answer to every medical issue, it is seen that many conditions can be diagnosed quite effectively from the comfort of our homes.

Though we have had telephonic doctor consultation for a while now, virtual healthcare appointments are the advanced next level of the same that has provided for some effective healthcare start-up ideas.

A recent push has been made to find more ways to incorporate technology into the patient experience as it becomes ingrained in the healthcare process. In place of visiting a clinic or hospital in person to be seen by a provider, patients go online to consult with their doctors or to meet their providers for follow-up appointments. This new focus on the virtual patient experience is improving the face of healthcare.

While virtual visits are growing in popularity, they have also had a significant impact on patient monitoring. An example of virtual patient monitoring is the use of a sensor placed under the patient’s mattress or within a chair to measure vital signs continuously without the patient having to be touched. As a result of this type of virtual patient monitoring, patients can receive a more relaxing experience while being treated and recovering, the patient can enjoy a high level of independence, as well as increased privacy and hospitals, can benefit from increasing revenue, making the healthcare process simpler for both patients and providers.

Patients and doctors alike will appreciate the benefits of virtual health consultation as well as the convenience and satisfaction it provides. Virtual patient monitoring can reduce the length of patient stays and increase revenue for hospitals, as patient follow-up care can be provided virtually. Telehealth systems are starting to take note of how virtual visits can provide patients with flexibility when it comes to scheduling and attending appointments, and so technologies, such as wearables, offer a second important way for systems to adopt a telehealth approach.

Wearable devices that monitor physical activity such as Fitbits or Jawbones, is convenient tools for hospitals to use virtual technology that will help to monitor patients’ health outside the hospital. These technologies play a vital role in providing a better and positive patient experience while saving costs and hospital beds.

The ever-evolving technology is always advantageous for innovative start-ups that strives to bring in change and improvement. To make a difference and create more innovations in the field of healthcare, Dezign Space can help to make those innovative ideas become a reality and give space for more digital innovation and advancements.

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