The Rising Popularity in Digital Innovation of Smart Wearables in Healthcare

The Rising Popularity in Digital Innovation of Smart Wearables in Healthcare

In a time of smartwatches, smartphones, smart televisions, digital innovation technological advancements have introduced us to smart wearables. The innovation in healthcare  have resulted in the use of digital devices worn by patients to monitor their health being increasingly common especially during a crisis like the global pandemic.

You might wonder how these wearables are making a difference.

In Northwest London, ‘Wearables’ collected the vital signs of people quarantining before or after travelling overseas, as well as healthcare workers who couldn’t isolate themselves at home. This scheme helped a trained team keep an eye on the data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People could be moved to the hospital if the team noticed critical signs or symptoms. Being in a time where it is important to reduce direct contact, this is a huge help that works towards it.

Wearables have been used to track patients with chronic illness or recuperating from covid-19 in Northampton, with clinicians analyzing vital sign data on a regular basis during virtual ward rounds and through remote consultations. It is intended that by allowing clinicians to remotely monitor patients, fewer vulnerable individuals will need to be admitted, freeing up beds and staff time.

The current pandemic has given way to the rising popularity of smart wearables to track and analyse health data. With the growing demand for health assessments at any given moment, the wearable industry has seen its massive expansion. Increasingly, wearables in health care have been powered by IoT. Internet of Health Things (IoHT) entails connecting medical devices and applications with healthcare IT. FitBits, Garmin Forerunners and Apple Watches are a few of the popular smart wearables that help in tracking the health data of the wearer like heart rate, step count, sleep pattern, respiratory rate, blood pressure etc. Developed primarily for convenience purposes, these devices now have a wide audience.

So, what exactly does a smart wearable do?

A smart wearable is an AI-enabled wearable gadget that is primarily used for timely tracking of health data. Smartwatches and smart bands are the most common examples for the same, wearing them are easy and convenient, thus helping in its rising popularity. In healthcare, wearables are typically used to collect health data, monitor it, and interact with users. The system informs the user and physician about various health parameters in a timely manner.

Why are smart wearables gaining popularity?

The smart innovation in healthcare  is increasing in its popularity on a daily basis, especially at a time during a pandemic where timely tracking of your health is vital.

Wearable devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives as they are lightweight, convenient, and cost-effective. In addition to raising awareness about health & fitness, the devices also motivate users to be active, assist them in reaching fitness goals and may reduce hospital readmissions. It is quite convenient to share fitness data with family, friends, physicians, or with online communities of people with similar workout goals.

To put it in simpler terms, smart wearables are being used in the healthcare industry to create a more efficient way to prevent and detect diseases.

Innovation in healthcare  is the need of the hour, it is a promising time for start-ups in healthcare devices, ensuring all innovative healthcare ideas take shape and turn into a successful enterprise there is Dezign Space  the unique platform that offers prototyping and testing of every bright idea, ensuring digital innovation for everyone everywhere

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