The Advent of Deep Learning in Healthcare

The Advent of Deep Learning in Healthcare

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence. It can power our cars, forecast the weather, and even predict what we want to buy before we do. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about machine learning. But what exactly is it? And how exactly does it work?

Quantitative indicators, such as daily active users or revenue, measure the quantity of something rather than its quality, as its name implies. This offers the advantage of obtaining “hard” data that is statistically representative. User feedback, for example, is a qualitative indicator that can help you understand why something happened, such as why people aren’t as happy with the product as they should be. Combining the two categories provides you with a more balanced view of your product’s performance. It lowers the risk of losing sight of the most crucial success factor: the people who buy and use the product.

Machine learning (ML), which is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is a branch of computer science that studies the design of algorithms that learn from data without being explicitly programmed. ML algorithms can iteratively improve their performance over time by being exposed to data, either explicitly or implicitly, such as user experience data or large amounts of text. The best way to think about ML is as a type of Artificial Intelligence that learns and improves over time to make better decisions.

Machine intelligence is rapidly redefining things that we think only humans can do. It has entered almost every industry out there and the healthcare industry  is not an exception.

A subset of Machine learning that is becoming commonly popular is Deep learning. Deep learning (DL) is a machine learning technique that allows computers to perform classification tasks on images or non-visual data sets by simulating the human brain. Due to advancements in GPU technology, deep learning has recently become an industry-defining tool.

AI in the healthcare industry is changing the ways of their operations, As a result of the development and application of big data, supercomputing, sensor networks, brain science, and other technologies, artificial intelligence has shown success in a range of therapeutic activities.

The abundance of biomedical data presents both opportunities and obstacles for healthcare research. Exploring the relationships between all of the many bits of information in these data sets, in particular, is a critical topic for developing trustworthy medical tools using data-driven techniques and machine learning.

Deep learning paradigms present intriguing new potential for the healthcare business, given their established efficacy in several areas and the quick growth of methodological improvements.  Deep learning technologies, at the same time, haven’t been well tested for a wide range of medical problems that could benefit from its capabilities. Many elements of deep learning, such as its improved performance, end-to-end learning scheme with integrated feature learning, and ability to handle complicated and multi-modality data, could be beneficial in health care.

To speed up these efforts, the deep learning research community as a whole must address several challenges related to the characteristics of health care data (i.e. sparse, noisy, heterogeneous, time-dependent), as well as the need for improved methods and tools that allow deep learning to interface with health care information workflows and clinical decision support.

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