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dezign GRC

Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) program is a vital part of any company’s business operations. These functions help to reduce risks, decrease compliance gaps, and enhance business performance. In these evolving times, innovation in GRC is imperative. With dezign space you can develop your innovative ideas to make them a reality.

Improved Innovations For Advanced GRC.

Improved Innovations For Advanced GRC.

With a unique space like dezign space, you can take your innovative GRC models or digital ideas to the next level. With prototyping and testing, you can get to know how your idea will enable executives and risk leaders to mitigate risks, reduce compliance breaches and improve business performance.

GRC Innovation Trends

Automated Controls

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest controls, KPIs, threshold, etc. based on historical data.

Incident Management

Automated workflows, automation for false positive identification and closure, that increases the efficiency and productivity.

Continuous Control

Robotic process automation, integration of bots, control testing using multiple or all scenarios, report verification, process validation, etc.

Risk Prediction

Embedded analytics, prescriptive analytics, continuous risk identification, remediation plan, etc. might help to proactively avoid the incident.


Your innovative ideas and models for better Governance, Risk Assessment and Control can take shape with dezign space.

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