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Dezign Energy

dezign Energy

The current trends indicate that energy industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Government including corporates across the globe advocate sustainable energy sources and technologies to reduce carbon footprints and dependency on renewable energy

The Future Energy

The Future Energy

When Energy is facing increasing demand, entrepreneurs must not forget their responsibility towards its impact on the environment. This is where the necessity of innovation comes in and this is the space to think beyond and nurture the innovation and thoughts that can serve and save the environment.

Energy Innovation Trends

IoE – Internet of Energy

IoE addresses several challenges of traditional power systems and develops smart grid with improved efficiency, coordination, optimization, etc.

Demand Side Management (DSM)

Rationalization of demand management and energy efficiency to ensure compliance with current or projected capacities of a power system.

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

The flexible and accessible platforms reduce the hours of a power outrage by charging EV’s for lower cost during weak demands and support the network during peak load.

Energy-as-a-Service (EAAS)

Distributed energy resources that are monitored by a combination of Ai, IoT, Blockchain revolutionizes consumption management and production optimization.


Now you can transform your innovative idea on global energy access, efficiency, sustainability or independence into a highly promising solution.

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