connectivity The prime employee engagement platform that embeds culture-of-innovation within your organization.

DS@Work accelerates

Employee innovation

New product development

New process development

Business model innovation

Collaborative innovation

Enhance Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability

Never let an idea slip through the gaps; listen to your employees, collaborate with them, and support their ideas and innovation. Who knows whether it could be a game changing idea for your future business growth? Enhance your productivity, economic growth and business continuity using the finest innovation and idea management software available.


We provide the flexibility to gather ideas from your employees and other stakeholders.


The innovative platform allows you to increase employee engagement and to refine and develop ideas together with your team easily.


Identify and analyze your employee innovation, and eliminate risks, and create new products and processes that promote economic growth.


Achieve a viable productivity level and attain economic growth using employee engagement platform and innovation.

DS @Work is Distinct


Ecosystem of mentors & investors

Prototyping & testing

How does it works?

How does it works?

Claire introduces a new product idea that he believes will have a significant commercial impact.

Claire notified Clark about his idea so that he could calculate the business case for that.

Claire and Clark together bring the business case to Sam to assess and determine how effective it will be in the market.

Claire, Clark, and Sam create a strategy and gives it to Zack to implement next month.

Claire, Clark, Sam, and Zack execute Claire’s plan, and customer retention improves, results in a $300k increase in annual revenue.

Case Studies

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Our innovation engine facilitates innovation in every region across the globe targeting social and economic development. We accelerate the transformation of your innovative idea into a successful venture or product or solution.

    A lasting enabler on your business transformation journey

    Excelledia have created this exciting software and I got a great preview of it. Named isorobot, it seeks to advance business compliance to another level.

    Charlie Boyle, CEO and MD, CSEI, Ireland

    Awesome user friendly & effective audit solution

    isorobot is a pleasure to use software. I like the flexibility that the software offers. Support team is great too. I am very satisfied with this investment.

    Gartner peer insights

    A modern, structured, and robust tool to digitise processes!

    The all-in-all isorobot is an amazing product that is easily manageable and combines all the ISO standards in one simple process.

    Bader Al Mansoori, QOC, Qatar.

    Overall a great service

    The service provided offers organizations meet the ISO and other international standards in unique and efficient way. If assistance is required, staff is ready to oblige in swift manner.

    Gartner peer insights

    isorobot is a winner!

    ISO getting married with Business as Usual (BAU), the toughest task made simple by isorobot enterprise management solution.

    Hisham Shaukat, Compliance Auditor, Dubai.

    ISO compliance audit in modern era

    The concept of centralizing all ISO related audits and mechanizing the results on central dashboard- good visibility for management and audit staffs

    Gartner peer insights

    Easy transition - excellent support from demo through implementation

    I have really enjoyed working with you! Thank you for all your help that you provided us with the installation of the isorobot software.

    Adrine Mark Paul, QHSE Director, Kenya.

    Smart system

    This highly Innovative management software system I have ever used, it has increased the productivity of my firm and empower you to take action and get result lots faster.

    Gartner peer insights