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£20,000 GBP

10 runners up will receive £20,000 Digital Development Grant.

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The Winning entry will receive a £100,000 investment towards building their MVP

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Free prototypes for the rest of the contestants' digital ideas.

Dezign Space Dezign Space

and building the most innovative digital ideas

The Dezign Space Innovation Competition, powered by Excelledia, recognizes and rewards forward-thinking businesses and individuals who can make a significant social and economic impact to make the world a better place.

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Sustainable Innovation

Research paper and patents

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20 New Businesses

20+ New Research Papers

50 New Job Opportunities

20+ New Disruptive Innovations

100 New Internship Opportunities

£2M New Project Investments

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If you think you have the best idea the world has ever heard, chances are someone else has as well. You only make a difference in the world when you turn that idea into a reality.

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Our innovation engine facilitates innovation in every region across the globe targeting social and economic development. We accelerate the transformation of your innovative idea into a successful venture or product or solution.