Dezign Countries

dezign Countries

The integration of science, technology, stakeholders and innovation vision into national policies helps to achieve sustained economic and social development. The key factors that govern the innovation ecosystems are investment, policy, collaboration, synergies, output, and the startup environment. The integration of dezign space can help to improve productivity, competitiveness and foster economic growth.


Accelerate The Rank In Global Innovation Index

Benefits are not short ranged when it comes to innovations, the country as a whole can witness significant change and development through innovations. The current pandemic has reconfirmed the need of collaborative innovation to adapt in this fast changing environment. The innovative platform dezign space ensure that the innovation continue to foster even if the investment declines. The insightful data from dezign space on innovation performance helps the decision makers to create policy that work as an agonist for innovation.

Innovation Trends in Countries

Climate Change

Carbon reduction, geoengineering, green beaches, efficient energy storage and transfer, need based energy supply, cooling tech, emission quantification, etc

Ocean Resources

IoT for oceans, communication networks, data systems, data management, data analytics, automated management, anomaly detections, integrated management, etc

Digital Infrastrure

Grid and sustainability positive data centers, Ai enabled secure edge infrastructure, Connectivity 5G, Satelite internet, infrastructure for edge specific, cloud-centric, security, etc


Machine-readable world, operationalized analytics, citizen partnership, data monetisation, anything as a service (XaaS), hyperconnected public service, multi-channel citizen engagement


We help the Country to Witness Significant change across Socio-economic Development through Innovations.

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