ColumbADR A true one-of-a-kind innovation


Case Study: ColumbADR

A true one-of-a-kind innovation brought into the practice of legal/conflict mediation by adopting technology, bringing out better convenience for users.

Business Challenge

Confined into a situation where we must adapt to the ‘new normal’ of having almost all a common man’s daily operations turn ‘digital’ or ‘online’, it makes sense to have a rise in the need of online mediators or an event of mediation to take place online. Mediation is a negotiation between two or more parties facilitated by an agreed-upon third party. Skilled third-party mediators can foster more effective communication, help uncover less obvious interests, offer face-saving possibilities for movement, and suggest solutions that the parties might have overlooked. The current pandemic is not the sole reason for the need for online mediation, the parties involved may not be comfortable facing each other, for reasons that may include fear, threat, embarrassment etc. or maybe because of the inconvenience of geographical locations. Hence the need for online mediation.


This is where Excelledia Ventures introduces ColumbADR, an online mediation that will be an effective means of resolving disputes. It offers convenience, allowing parties to participate when they have the time. Its purpose is to help families achieve peace by resolving their disputes and to help family businesses thrive, free from conflict. The platform offers a unique holistic approach to avoiding and resolving conflict.

ColumbADR approaches their clients knowing when a dispute occurs the involved parties will need more than just legal advice. Diagnosing and treating the root of the conflict – often an emotional blockage – is the key to unlock the path to resolving a dispute. Once a person feels understood, they will find it easier to listen to the legal advice they are receiving so they can approach conflict resolution with a clear rational head. This approach helps lawyers to achieve the best results for their clients promptly, with minimum stress.


Not limiting to offering a platform for online meeting, ColumbADR offers its platform to help the exchange of documents and other information also. The platform allows mediators to carefully craft their responses and strategy rather than needing to react at the moment to disputants’ statements. This ensures every mediation occurs hassle and even conflict-free.

Everyone involved in the mediation process can log in to the system and see the details of the case being mediated. They can also participate in the mediation discussions through the specific Zoom meeting.


A few takeaways of ColumbADR;

  • The key users involved are – Super Admin, Mediator and Lawyers.
  • The mediation starts with the onboarding step where the information of case lawyers is sent by uploading documents to the case file.
  • Separate video conference calls can be arranged with lawyers from each party to discuss the case.
  • The case bundles (often large PDFs) are received by uploading documents into the case file.
  • The final version of the mediation agreement can be re-sent for electronic signature by all mediation participants.
  • Separate test video calls can be conducted with clients from each party.
  • On the mediation day, communication is done mainly through video conferencing with the use of Zoom-style breakout rooms. Towards the end of mediation day, a further document may be generated, called a “settlement agreement”.  This is drafted by the lawyers and needs to be read by everyone and signed electronically by all parties to the dispute or lawyers signing on behalf of clients.

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