Automate Data Collection


Automate Data Collection

Enable 300 North Staffing & Recruitment company to standardize and automate data collection, preparation, and consolidation to drive faster turnaround of insights and actions across various business functions.

• Provide a seamless and automated process to collect and transform raw data covering key business processes such as job posting, resume parsing, resume filtering, accounting, temporary worker management, leave management, etc.

• Provision and fully support a data environment to catalyze and support recruitment processes powered with Artificial Intelligence for 300 North Recruitment.

• A project roadmap will be submitted based on the initial dashboarding process (Phase 01) and its results for the rest of the phases (phase 02 to 04) to be completed.

Project Phases

Phase 01 – Integrating current data sources to a centralized dashboard.
Phase 02 – Design & Development of an optimized recruitment solution
Phase 03 – Infusing Al Capabilities by adding Al engines to the software.
Phase 04 – Commercially Launching the recruitment solution to the market.

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