Leadership TEAM (LTEAM)


Leadership TEAM (LTEAM)

Case Study: Leadership TEAM (LTEAM)

A centralized hub for employee training operations, it helps learning and development along with tracking and managing training efforts.

Business Challenge

Technology cannot be overlooked for an effective training management system for the purpose of corporate training and learning opportunities for an employee. The task of keeping track on the training endeavours by engaging their employees with training and development programs and also meet their expectations by giving advanced training skill is not such an easy feat.

Here arises the need for a training management software that will help to schedule courses and presenters, track business and professional growth, and provide relevant marketing, all under one roof. Hence introducing LTeam platform; A Corporate training management system that can be used to add organizations, their members, and facilitators whilst offering an impressive learning experience.


The LTeam platform gives a way to easily manage daily tasks, benefits, talent, and workforce management. However, what makes it different is that the used technology is backed by a culture that truly cares about the user’s needs and success. It helps to identify the best solutions that will benefit the business today while paving the way towards a better tomorrow. Lteam helps to minimalize the efforts required to build successful training modules that support learning and development at work.

Being a centralized hub for employee training operations, it helps learning and development, departments design, organize, and deploy training opportunities. Users can complete training sessions and help employers track and manage training efforts.


Lteam aims to get different organizations under one roof for sharing ideas. This engaging platform uses the format that forces concepts to be translated into practical action. The online development programmes are specifically designed to improve effectiveness. The area of leadership and strategy involves facilitating executive team off-sites to develop a shared vision and strategy that translates into a genuine competitive advantage. By developing leadership teams, it aims to accelerate the performance of organizations. We embed development by combining the effectiveness of world-class coaching, mentoring and facilitation, with the power of digital.


The key features involved are as follows:

  • The Lteam gives the provision to conduct discussions and allocate action items based on the meeting. The action list provides details of the actions assigned to who and by whom along with their status.
  • You can view the list of members along with their details and certification information. You can also add or edit the details of members on the platform. Similarly, you can view details and make amendments to the Partner Organizations and Facilitators.
  • The Training List shows you all training created so far on the platform, and you can also add new training. The Training Profile shows the members added for the training, course materials required for the training, actions assigned, and zoom meeting details for scheduling training.

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