A Platform for Community Service

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A Platform for Community Service

Community Service Platform for the Needy in Pandemic Situation

Community services are of much need during the hours of pandemics like the one that we have now. The lockdowns all through the nation to forestall community spread of the infectious illness has left numerous individuals to require essential commodities and necessary medical support. The government can supply these essential commodities doo-to-door.

However, this needs an immense number of volunteers or manpower. This void can be mended by designing a platform where individuals in need can post their requirements and those who can support as volunteers can lend a hand in bringing the necessary goods to them. An area wise/streetwise system can be built, and assistance can be provided within each area thus avoiding the movement of volunteers through different areas and hence preventing the spread of disease.


The Scope

  • Creating an online platform in which those who are in need can post their requirements.
  • The same platform can be used to register those who can lend a hand as volunteers in their interested fields.
  • By classifying and segregating both these group of people by area/streets, a database of requirement and volunteers can be prepared.
  • This database can be utilized by either government or social firms to fulfill the requirements of those who are in need through the volunteers.

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