Case Studies

  • Brick Image Matching App

    Automatically classify and detect the type of brick based on features and similarities.   Business Challenge Automated processing is becoming increasingly popular today. Accuracy, however, is dependent on the experience of the expert. It is challenging to come up with an automated method

  • Real-Time Video Surveillance and Violent Crowd Behavior Detection

    Automatically detect violent events from the vast amounts of surveillance video data. Business Challenge The worldwide utilization of surveillance cameras in smart cities has enabled researchers to analyse a gigantic volume of data to ensure automatic monitoring. An enhanced security system in

  • Customer Feedback Classification and Analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning

    Analysing the customer feedback data and classifying them into a category Business Challenge The majority of telecom service providers receive millions of customer requests daily, which is higher than ever before. It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide timely and efficient assistance

  • ColumbADR A true one-of-a-kind innovation


    Case Study: ColumbADR A true one-of-a-kind innovation brought into the practice of legal/conflict mediation by adopting technology, bringing out better convenience for users. Business Challenge Confined into a situation where we must adapt to the ‘new normal’ of having almost all a common

  • Fintech

    Leadership TEAM (LTEAM)

    Case Study: Leadership TEAM (LTEAM) A centralized hub for employee training operations, it helps learning and development along with tracking and managing training efforts. Business Challenge Technology cannot be overlooked for an effective training management system for the purpose of corporate training and

  • cloud integrity

    Cloud Integrity

    Case Study: Cloud Integrity An effective monitoring of configurations and auditing of all cloud environments, via an intuitive web dashboard Business Challenge Technology is inevitable in these increasingly advanced times, which is why automating business processes has become a normal process at every

  • Together make service

    A Platform for Community Service

    Community Service Platform for the Needy in Pandemic Situation Community services are of much need during the hours of pandemics like the one that we have now. The lockdowns all through the nation to forestall community spread of the infectious illness

  • disease detection

    Ai for Disease Surveillance

    Ai-Based Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Alert System Infectious disease surveillance is an emerging field that studies data collection, data sharing, data modelling, and data management issues in the domain of infectious diseases. This project provides an overview with specific emphasis on:

  • automate-data-collection

    Automate Data Collection

    Enable 300 North Staffing & Recruitment company to standardize and automate data collection, preparation, and consolidation to drive faster turnaround of insights and actions across various business functions. Specifically • Provide a seamless and automated process to collect and transform raw data

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