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A collaborative space to encourage and facilitate digital innovation through prototyping and testing of every bright idea. Submit your idea
Unique platform that encourages collaborative innovation. Transform ideas to

Innovation is Key

An innovation engine for industries, Corporations, SMEs, incubators, accelerators, public sectors, venture capitalist, etc.

Accelerate Your Progress

A catalyst to create sustainable digital solutions that supports social and economic development.

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Ideas to Prototyping

Give life to your idea in the first place.

Testing to Strategy

Analyse performance and opportunities.

Launch to Scale

Accelerate customer acquisition.

Let’s hear your digital business ideas. Together let’s build your business.

Innovation for Everyone, Everywhere

  • The intuitive idea management platform to drive innovation and turn your ideas into valuable assets
  • Harness the power of dezign space innovation management platform and create a Culture of Innovation

Dezign Space at a Glance

Our Mission

‘Innovation for everyone everywhere’ is our motto. We strive to provide anyone, anywhere with an opportunity to prototype and test every digital idea and bring your innovations to life.

Our Vision

To establish dezign space across the globe in collaboration with public and private entities to enable everyone to access digital innovation capabilities.

What We Offer

A unique, innovation management platform created to encourage digital innovation. Accelerate product development, process improvement, business model innovation, etc. through a collaborative innovation ecosystem.

Dezign Space is the perfect space to mold your innovations into a business venture or a product or a service. The innovation engine accelerates corporate innovation, digital innovation, start-up innovation, business model innovation, business function innovation, innovation within an organization and in the public sector.

Dezign Space strives for the perfect implementation of innovative ideas to take shape and bring them to the market making them accessible for everyone. This digital innovation platform does more than just advise and offer suggestions, in-house field experts will guide you in taking the right steps for making your ideas more practical and market worthy. The collaborative ecosystem includes mentors, venture capitalists, communities, universities, research and development centers, etc.

We cater to all industries, across the globe…

Be it an established enterprise looking to diversify, or a completely new start-up planning to enter the market with their out-of-the-box products or services, the Dezign Space engine for innovation idea management is the perfect space for everyone, everywhere.

Driving Innovation Forward

Ideas to Prototyping

Your ideas will get a breath of life from the initial phase through prototyping to understand your product better.

Testing Business Viability

Test and refine your business idea, identify a target market and their real-world needs.

Innovation Culture

Provides every employee with an opportunity for innovation and encourage them to innovate.

Identify Business Models

Identify new market opportunities for business growth and develop new disruptive business models.

Customer Speaks

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Let’s Transform Your Innovative Ideas to Business Ventures

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